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Gift Cards and Pricing Overview

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Welcome to our Online Store!  This is the area where you are able to purchase package deals or gift cards. 

Package deals are purchased through the "Buy Now" option shown below their listing. Scroll options using the arrows on either side of the display!

Gift cards are sold by dollar amount.  Please refer to our pricing menu (as shown below) to determine the amount you would like to gift.  Please call us at 970-614-4218 with any questions.


New to our clinic?  Check out these awesome new client offers!

Introductory 60 Minute: $60

Introductory 90 Minute: $110

Introductory 3 Pack 60 Minute:  $220

Introductory 3 Pack 90 Minute:  $360

Buying a gift card?  Purchase those based on monetary value.

Gift Cards Important Information

Step-by-Step Instructions for Obtaining a PDF of Your Gift Card

Step 1: Forward Sales Receipt Locate your sales receipt from your purchase of the gift card. Forward the receipt as an email attachment to

Step 2: Provide Gift Card Details In the email, include the following information: Your desired message for the gift card (optional) The name of the recipient

Step 3: Wait for PDF The team at Revive Massage and Wellness will process your request. You will receive a PDF of the gift card via email as soon as possible.

Important Notes: This system does not generate gift certificates automatically. The gift card PDF will be sent manually upon receipt of your email and payment confirmation. Please allow some time for processing, especially during peak hours.


60 Minute Package Options

We offer...

Six 60 Minute Sessions for $498

Twelve 60 Minute Sessions for $924


90 Minute Package Options

We offer...

Six 90 Minute Sessions for $744

Twelve 90 Minute Sessions for $1392


60 Minute VIP Programs

We offer...

1x Monthly 60 Minute VIP Program: $83

2x Monthly 60 Minute VIP Program:  $154 


90 Minute VIP Programs

We offer...

1x Monthly 90 Minute VIP Program: $124

2x Monthly 90 Minute VIP Program: $232

Standard Session Rates

30 Minute Session: $55

60 Minute Session: $110

90 Minute Session: $145

*Call for Introductory Pricing

Luxury Service Options

Aromatherapy: +$15

Cupping: +$20

Hot Stone: +$25

CBD Foot Scrub: +$25

CBD Lotion: +$35

Package Options

Six 60 Minute sessions: $498

Twelve 60 Minute sessions: $924

Six 90 Minute sessions: $744

Twelve 90 Minute Sessions: $1392

Katina was amazing! She was really kind and in tune with all my troublesome points of contention. She took her time and tailored the massage to my needs.

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